Design of TAFR2 shell

tafr mobile robot farming
A video documentation of how we made the super black-mirror-y looking shell for TAFR2 farming robot. The wood was milled in multiple parts and glued together, the plastic was then vacuum formed on top of that.

Sumo nano

sumo robot nano
This robot is a 25mm cube, weighing 25 grams and its designed to compete in a sumo nano competition. Its main components are: ESP32-WROOM-32U - WiFi enabled CPU , TB6612FNG motor driver, and VL53L1CXV0FY TOF distance sensor all packed together in a tiny form factor. My role in this project was to design a printable 3D model, PCB board and ROSify the whole thing. Here is the deconstructed version but controlled through WiFi.

FRE Europe 2019: TAFR 3rd in Autonomous Robotic Farming competition

With TAFR group we competed on European competition Field Robot Event and were 1st in the Weeding Task and 3rd overall! More here:

FRE Europe 2018: TAFR 3rd place in Advanced autonomous navigation

With team TAFR 2018 we competed on Field Robot Event 2018 in Germany (European competition of autonomous farming robots) and were 3rd best in advanced autonomous navigation on the corn field

LinuxCNC with Stepcraft 420 CNC machine

I open-sourced the steps for setting up Stepcraft CNC on LinuxCNC OS. Surprisingly there was none available when I was setting it up, and it took me unnecessarily long to figure it out. Repo link:

Old workshop cleanup

It took me 20 days to cleanup and transform our old workshop BEFORE: MIDLE: AFTER:

Founding of TAFR – autonomous farming robot

In the beginning of 2017 we founded TAFR – multidisciplinary team of students with a goal to improve everyday work of farmers and vinegrowers with autonomous farming robots More on the official page:

WiFiBot – autonomous robot for indoor areas

autonomous robot
In January 2017 we made a self-driving, ROS based robot for the company Plume. It autonomously checks the WiFi coverage in indoor areas. In September 2016 we started a project named WiFiBot in collaboration with LTFE. We built a robot for a Slovenian company named Plume, that wants to check the quality of WiFi signal with an autonomous robot (hence the name WiFiBot) instead of having an expensive human running around.

ROS based ex-military robot

In collaboration with Laboratory for Autonomous Aystems in Ljubljana (LAMS) we ROSified an old ex-military robot: Gams The task is to connect it to ROS and make a Faculty’s first autonomous robotic courier.

LTFE robot

I’ve also build a multi-purpose autonomous robot that follows lines on the floor for the university. This was actually my first task as an employed student. It was so exciting! And I’ve actually kept a blog of the build. Links to PART 1 and PART2. You can find an interesting use case with this robot here.

MakerLab Ljubljana

In January 2015 Laboratory for telecommunications decided to open a first MakerLab in Slovenia. It is the first open space in Faculty for any student to develop his/her project without needing to pay for tools or help! This is the true meaning of opensource and I am very lucky to be a part of it! All our activity in MakerLab is updated on our facebook page and on our website. Come visit us if you are ever in Ljubljana, Slovenia, we will be happy to show you around!

2nd place in student challange with hacked Kärcher push-broom (Robert)

The goal of this project was to take a normal Kärcher push-broom and hack it into an autonomous cleaning robot. Robert is a smart cleaning robot, which cleans by autonomously navigating using a celing mounted camera. It’s connected to Internet and can easily become another thing in the Internet of things. Idea of swarming is supported! Which means Robert can communicate with other robots like himself, to get the job done faster!

Home made 3D printer

In the fall of 2011 I created my first 3D printer Prusa Mendel