MakerLab Ljubljana


In January 2015 Laboratory for telecommunications decided to open a first MakerLab in Slovenia. It is the first open space in Faculty for any student to develop his/her project without needing to pay for tools or help! This is the true meaning of opensource and I am very lucky to be a part of it!

All our activity in MakerLab is updated on our facebook page and on our website. Come visit us if you are ever in Ljubljana, Slovenia, we will be happy to show you around!

Here is a list of some projects we’ve done in MakerLab:

Meanwhile, here are some pictures:

Maker-style entrance!

We host a number of free/low-price workshops every month. Pizza for everyone included.

We also do alot of Arduino, Python, IOT (and many more) workshops outside of MakerLab as well.

3D workshops: Sketching and 3D printing